global-spaa-wellnessThe world is rapidly changing.  With the dynamics of explosive technical growth and an expanded world view our day-to-day living will transform at a kinetic pace.

SELF-TRACKING: Real-Time Health + Human-Centric
Smart living drives a better future, where business and people collaborate for mutual benefits. Real-time data will transform the traditional business model to one that delivers better services and customer experiences. Apple is changing self-measurement the way it changed music – with an entire Human-Centric platform and ecosystem for monitoring medicine, fitness and wellness. People want ‘intelligent’ options built in, as self-improvement boosts quality of life and wellbeing. There are currently 40,000+ health apps available and mHealth services and applications could be worth more than $11.5 billion globally by 2017.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Green Growth + Sustainability
Today we consume 26 times more than we did 150 years ago. In this context, sustainability needs a serious make-over; only 28% of people know what terms like: ‘sustainable’, ‘responsible’, ‘eco friendly’ and ‘green’ really mean, and just 44% trust green claims from big brands. The Circular Economy is a vision to maximize resources and minimise waste to promote green growthbut to be successful you need a business case for sustainability. China has adopted the Circular Economy and its recycling industry is planned to be worth £183 billion by 2015.

BETRAPRENEURSHIP: Disruptive Innovation + Female Power
The EU now promotes entrepreneurship as a career to encourage start-up communities that will contribute to Europe’s job creation, innovation and competitiveness. Betapreneurs are truly 21st-century professionals who operate through a process of trial and error to make disruptive innovation happen. Resilient, self-reliant, and extremely potent, they are crafting the future – working solo, in small teams, or within large companies. Currently, only 30% of European entrepreneurs are women, but by 2020 in advanced economies, 2 in 3 graduates will be female, so their contribution will change the landscape of entrepreneurship.


Courtesy Global Influences