596028.TIF“Wellness” has become the new global buzzword and with good reason, at some point we all just want to feel great, age healthfully and live a complete life.  Being physically beautiful is always a bonus but how one feels and the life that one lives is what it is all about.  Moreover, the spa has become a fixture of the American lifestyle.  While it was once the practice of spa goers to indulge in a yearly trek to the spa as a treat, it is now common to visit the spa on a weekly or monthly basis for the therapeutic benefit of specific treatments. The increasing popularity of spas along with the need for a more meaningful, balanced lifestyle has led the consumer to crave wellness as an option for entertainment, self-care and renewal.  Making wellness options a popular part of your spa’s treatment offerings need not be expensive or difficult.

Lifestyle Programming

Offering combinations of services to create the optimal results for each client is a relatively simple adjustment to any spa menu.  For instance, weight management is a common goal among many consumers.  Creating a set of treatment protocols that help with contouring, detoxify the lymphatic system, refine the pores and enhance skin elasticity can all be important first steps towards creating a series of spa treatments that align with weight loss goals. However, by also enlisting the professional help of a nutritionist, personal trainer, psychotherapist or life coach, these typical spa treatments can be expanded into an entire program for the client to pursue throughout the year. What’s more, these additional coaches need not be a part of the regular spa staff.  They can be independent contractors who work in the spa a few times a month.  They can also see spa clients in their own practices as a part of a group promotion involving several businesses that are complimentary in nature but not conflicting in terms of competition.

At the very least, grouping spa options in a section of your menu for results oriented goals can go a long way.  Selling results oriented therapies in treatment series creates an understood sense of commitment on the part of the client as well as sets the stage for results through regular spa visits and consistent prescribed home care use.

Centerpiece Programming

Yet another way to add a hearty dose of wellness to your spa without knocking down a wall or spending a fortune involves highlighting a new treatment genre each month or each season. While this may sound radical, it is more like spa accessorizing.  Take a classic black dress and add that crazy piece of jewelry, flamboyant scarf, amazing shoes or detailed hosiery and voila you no longer have just a classic black dress. Your spa is no different.  This type of programming can center on a piece of equipment, a new philosophy of treatment or a theme:

Equipment: Try out a piece of equipment that you are uncertain that you might want to eventually work into your regular treatment menu by leasing the item for 1-3 months.  A good example of something you might want to try this with is an ultrasound facial unit. Most equipment companies offer leasing programs and to allow you to demo a unit at a reasonable price is a part of most company’s choices for purchase.  Try out the unit by offering a special menu of three to six treatment options that can be performed with the unit.  Create at least one treatment option that is a package featuring the technology offered by the new type of equipment with other complimentary therapies. Offer special introductory pricing and see if the new item is worth purchasing and integrating into your regular list of services.  Clients enjoy new treatment options and will appreciate that your spa is up on the latest technology.

Theme: It is easy to stylize a treatment room that transports your clients to Bali, Thailand or the Congo.  There are many new internationally flavored treatments out there that lend themselves to thematic accompaniment. Creating a room that sweeps clients off their feet while transporting them to a far off destination can be as easy as adding thatched rugs to the floor, displaying tropical flowers, changing the music and color scheme of the room and creating a special service menu with featured exotic treatments.  While you can go so far as to dress technicians up in native garb, a tropical drink and a sampling of homecare are also fantastic options to help set the tone.

Philosophy: Expounding upon the classical spa set of services can be as simple as adding a new twist to how you offer your therapies.  For instance, adding color therapy to your spa is inexpensive, interesting and therapeutic.  A mineral bath becomes a colored experience with the assistance of candles, natural colorants to the water, floating flowers in specific hues or the laying of specific crystals around the bath. Sound therapy integrating alpha, beta and theta induced brain patterning can be achieved with a personal headset and a CD. A treatment as classic and standard as a Swedish massage can be changed by the oils used, color and type of sheets employed and the type of tools integrated by the therapist like bamboo canes, gemstones, hot stones and other easy to find options. Altering a classic modality is a great way to enhance the client’s experience, educate spa goers in alternative therapies and keep your technicians up to speed on the latest types of services.

Possibility Bundles

Retail selection need not be limited to skin care, specific treatment lines, some gift items and candles. Why not devote an area of your retail space to “lifestyle transformation?” While it may sound radical, clients love the possibility of changing their life by purchasing a bundle.  Take a hard look at what you currently offer in your retail space.  By combining thoughtfully prepared books that combine music, candles, books, self-care goods, tea, meditation cards, skin and body care and similar items, clients are given the tools to begin a new path. While you are creating lifestyle kits, include a spa menu with an attachment that details the spa services that will nicely compliment the lifestyle enhancement program represented by the bundle. Go so far as to include a small calendar with spa appointment dates highlighted. Perhaps consider extending a spa discount for a bundle with spa series purchase. Imagine the possibility of possibility bundles!

“Wellness” is here to stay and is so broad sweeping that creating opportunities to share healthful options with your spa clients is easy with a bit of creativity and research.  The bottom line is keeping your clientele interested, engaged and craving more of the healthful alternatives that draw them to the spa to begin with.