“We Work” for Wellness

“We Work” for wellness and spas isn’t such a bad idea.  The We Work model of sharing an office space including reception, conference space is a concept that took off like lightening when initially introduced.  Why?  Renting office space by the day or the hour or by city at a whim is not new. Why has We Work taken of as it has and what other business models could its general outlay be applicable to?

Business team using laptop computer

Booth rental in the beauty business has been around about as long as the salon.  Particularly, as beauty seeker has had the budget to make specific demands such as hair coloring, texturizing, cutting and styling, the amount of time and money spent at the salon has increased.  As this category became more and more sophisticated to expand into aesthetics, professional massage, body treatments, makeup applications and niche services like lash extensions, permeant make-up and laser treatments, etc., the need for many types of highly skilled professionals under one roof has exponentially unfolded. We Work for Wellness is an obvious choice for the organization able to offer space to complimentary service providers within the professional beauty, spa, wellness, medical, health and fitness brackets. Fusing the protocols with a common building, appropriate amenities, products, reception and peripheral services, the wellness center as a We Work would work for the therapist and, of course, for the client.

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