A successful service strategy is the first step toward long-term service partnerships and friend referrals. Your distinctive edge as a quality-service provider attracts and retains customers; in turn, their referrals of your business expand your customer base. Customers enter your doors knowing what they want and expect; they should exit those doors having received what they needed both materially and emotionally. Employees must know how to interact positively with customers and shape their emotions memorably during moments of truth. With your customer service strategy to guide you, your spa is well on the way to rising above your competition. Integrating the material and emotional dimensions of the service partnership—your customer service employees, environment, and procedures—according to your service strategy supports your delivery on your promise of love and allows you to achieve your goal of quality customer service.

Building Your Customer Service System

Once your service strategy is properly defined, it is time to develop the system by which your business will deliver quality customer service. There are three major elements of a customer service system: procedures (spa rules, regulations, and policies); physical resources (service environment, materials, and tools); and human resources (spa employees).

Your service system should be easy to do business with. Evaluate it through the eyes of your customers. A customer-friendly system is:

The purpose of the service system is to deliver on your promise of meeting customers’ needs with quality customer service. What your strategy promises is what your system must deliver, every time.