Would you put money into sending the message to prospective spa customers that your spa is the only spa in town with pink toilets? Of course not. Well you might but it won’t get you terribly far. You must differentiate your spa logically, highlighting differences that are important to your customers that connect with their needs and wants. Your brand’s survival and growth depend on figuring out what’s relevant to your target market and redefining your brand accordingly. 

Before visiting a spa, potential customers ask themselves: What is visiting a spa going to do for my life? How will it make my life better? They evaluate their needs and values to determine whether or not to visit a spa and which spa they’ll go to if and when they do. To maintain your brand’s relevance, you must know what’s important to consumers, how you fulfill their needs, and why your values coincide with theirs.

Recruiting your target market is essential to your brand’s growth for a variety of reasons.  Like tribbles in Star Trek good clients multiply.  Happy clients tell the world about their experience, the change in their skin or the fantastic massage therapist that they found.  Happy clients buy gift certificates, gift baskets and other tid bits from your spa for those they care about.  Happy clients talk about your brand over lunch, during their workout and over tea.  Happy clients are family and the clan is just beginning to gather.  The only way to hit this “zone” of brand clarity and growth is by defining exactly what your brand is.  Making your brand tangible, livable and likeable is crucial.

What is relevant to consumers today may change tomorrow. Lives, needs, values, and circumstances change on short- and long-term bases. Any time these factors change, you must reposition your brand (tweak your message) so your brand maintains its appeal with consumers.

Ask your executive team these questions:

  1.  What does our ideal client look like demographically?
  2. What is our “sweet spot” for services?
  3. How does our homecare/retail sweet spot correspond to service sales?
  4. What can we cut out of our formula?
  5. What are we missing or missing out on?

Brand relevance is your lifeline to your organization’s future.  It is the fuel that feeds the fire and the stuff that profitability is made of. Your brand essentially is your business.