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What to consider when hiring a spa consultant.

Spa consultants are emerging in markets around the world.  While some consultants command expertise in many areas other consultants don’t have hands on experience or have management experience but in a different field.  Some “consultants” don’t have any real experience at all.  Ultimately the business entity or individual hiring a consultant need to decide which professionals are a good fit and which are not.  However, here is a checklist for reference along the way.

How many years has the consultant been in the industry?

What facilities and/or companies has the consultant worked with?

What is the depth and breadth of their knowledge?

What are the consultant’s credentials?  Are they licensed in modalities and what formal training do they have?

What associations and foundations are they active members with?

What is their body of work:  seminars, books, professional articles, media?

While some spa experts are internationally known and may not routinely offer references those consultants who are relatively new to the spa industry should be expected to offer references or at least letters of reference and recommendation from well-known sources.

What percentage of their work week is spent with consulting clients?  Do they consult as a primary occupation or do they have a “day” job?

Are they married to particular product lines?

Are they bound to industry exclusive agreements?

What does the consultant really know?  Are they bound to marketing prowess or do they primarily know a niche within operations?  Do they have the experience and knowledge to oversee your project from conception to completion?

Pricing is not an area that should sway your choice in an area where a bad experience with a consultant can kill your business or cause a significant setback.  If you are comfortable with a consultant but a bit sticker-shocked at their price find a way to hire them anyway.  Put their fees into your business plan, take out a micro loan or be brave and pay them out of your personal income.  Good consultants are difficult to find.  If you found one plan on paying for their services either upfront or in a timely manner.

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