Since it’s so difficult to recruit quality employees, the money and effort spent on retaining them is a drop in the bucket in comparison. Consider what is lost if, instead of retaining employees, you must continue to recruit:

It is far easier to keep your current workforce content and motivated instead of periodically replacing your key players. By offering challenging, interesting work for employees in a positive environment, and providing fair compensation and rewards for jobs well done, you increase your chances of developing relationships with your employees that endure and prosper over time.

New Hires

From the beginning of a new hire’s career with your spa, each workday should be a productive and positive experience. Don’t leave new hires in a room with a stack of brochures and employment forms and expect them to find work for themselves. Instead, follow these steps to ensure you start your new employees on the right path:

Assigning a buddy, or mentor, to help new hires adjust is a good idea. Choose a current staff member to “shadow” your new employee and lend a hand when it’s needed. Because work buddies shape new hires’ initial impressions and behaviors, be careful about whom you select for this role.

Choose buddies who do the same work as the new hire. Common ground creates camaraderie and more productive communications. Also remember that employees who are skilled but are relatively new to your spa—hired within the last eighteen months—relate best to new hires, anticipating their needs and areas of confusion. Select buddies who maintain a positive attitude toward working at your spa and will foster commitment in new hires. High performers provide positive role models.

Before you assign an employee to be a buddy, make sure the individual is willing and able to take on the task. Those who display particular aptitude for mentoring should be recognized for their contribution to your spa’s continued success.

As your new hires begin their careers with you, keep the positive momentum going. Don’t limit your orientation program to the first day. Ongoing training, two-way communication, praise, and encouragement help build new-hire performance and commitment.