596021A.TIFGetting spa clients ready for fall includes these 6 “Must Do” Steps:

Exfoliate!  Microdermabrasion for that beach worn, sun touched face.  Manual abrasion at home, enzymatic treatments or peptide therapy.  No matter the preferences for professional treatment and homecare maintenance the verdict is in and that summer skin has to go.  Time to invite in cellular renewal and with it a new palate for fall’s rich hues.

Quarterly Detox-  Out with the old and in with the new.  Beautiful skin is well-being and health expressed as a gorgeous glow.  Detoxing can take place in a few days or a week whether it be a raw food fast, a juicing diet or a mixture of small amounts of foods that are truly wholesome with each calorie.  Offer your clients a start to a beautiful season with nourishing treatments for the whole body.

Massage – Healthy intentions become healthy habits.  Ask your spa clients to rethink their habits this fall with massage.  The scientific proof that massage promotes general health is documented in a number of disciplines.  Invite your spa guests to embrace this habit for healin

Water – Drinking water is crucial to overall health but the healing powers of H2O don’t stop there.  Invite your clientele to experience a Vichy or Scotch shower.  Invite them to indulge in a peloid treatment or a thalassotherapy session:  Results, results and re-booking.

Homecare –  Skincare, fitness, nutrition and weekly or regular visits at the spa should be evaluated during this change of season.  Give your clients a fresh evaluation as well as a prescription for care during the months ahead.

Color –  Smokey eyes, light natural foundation, just a glow of blush, naturally layered lips are all beautiful adaptations to classic beauty this fall.  Offer a dash of makeup to every client you see this fall and invite the rest of your client list in to play with colors.