Aside from the usual means by which you choose to advertise, there are always ways to spread your message that might be missed by your competition. Take advantage of these low-cost opportunities: 

Waiting-area brochures: Here you are with a captive, receptive audience—why not try to sell more products and services? Instead of providing magazines with ads for other businesses or articles about events unassociated with your spa, display brochures detailing the products and treatments you offer.

In-advance announcements: Microsoft stands nearly alone in announcing upcoming—not yet available—products and services. Long before a new software version hits the market, consumers know how it’s being developed, what’s new about it, and how it’s going to change their lives. Like a movie preview, this results in a lot of buzz, publicity, and anticipation to buy. If a new treatment technique is in the works, inform consumers early to pique their interest.

Samples and knickknacks: Customers like to feel special and to hold tangible things in their hands when they leave your spa. Providing sample products and knickknacks—pens, key chains, magnets—with your logo on them appeal to these needs. Not only that, they’re a way to send advertising messages literally right out your door and into the world.

Heavy attention to heavy users: It’s easier to keep a regular customer than attract a new one. Too many times customers who frequent a business regularly are the ones most ignored. You probably have the means to know who your regulars are right in your computer. Print up a list of your these customers immediately, and focus serious attention on how to get them to spend more money at your spa than they already are.

Advertising opportunities are everywhere. Learning to take advantage of them will allow you to develop broader, more successful strategies.  t even try again for another two, four, six years. In business, there’s no drop-dead date. You can always find an excuse for why your sales aren’t increasing—a bad quarter, the economy, a rash of new spas in your area. Don’t make these excuses. Imagine a sword hangs over your head and if you don’t aggressively create ads that sell—not those that merely entertain—the sword’s going to fall and your spa will close. This actually isn’t that far from reality.