Color TherapyColor and sound can be powerfully in sync when used as therapy or for mere enjoyment in a variety of environments. As the vibration of sound becomes higher and lighter, the sound is transmuted into color. Each of our seven chakras vibrates at a different speed, translating into color and sound.

Steven Halpern explains the relationship between sound and color in his book, “Sound Health – The Music and Sound That Makes Us Whole.”

Halpern says, “Vibrations at 1000 cycles per second are easily audible. If you double the vibrations to 2000 cycles per second, that is one octave higher. If you double it again to 4000 cycles per second, that is another octave. A normal piano spans a bit more than seven octaves. If, hypothetically, we could extend the piano keyboard another 35 to 50 octaves higher, the keys at the higher end would produce colors, rather than audible sounds, when played.”

When Light and Music are used together, our energy centers – chakras are especially activated resulting in a strong impact and positive change upon our aura. Each energy center, or chakra, is associated with a specific color and tone of the musical scale.

The specific frequency ranges and their associated mental states are as follows:

Einstein revealed that energy literally creates matter and that energy and matter are inter-convertible and transferable. Every living thing produces an electromagnetic field and vibrational frequency. In fact, the earth itself produces its own electromagnetism by way of magnetic poles and vibrates at frequencies between 7.8 hertz (cycles per second) and 40 hertz. This frequency range is known as Schumann resonance. The body receives its energy from the earth’s electromagnetic poles and electrons from the sun simultaneously, producing a loop of energy that continually supplies the body with vital life force.

The human body has 12 major electrical pathways known as meridians. These pathways deliver life force energy from our spine through the nervous system to various cells and organs. There are 12 major colors in the visible light spectrum and 12 notes or perfect intervals in the musical scale, and that each of these light wave colors and sound waves correspond to the 12 major electrical pathways in the human body. Light and Sound can have profound healing effects on physical, mental, emotional and even on spiritual or consciousness levels.