indian-culture-spaaThere is a greater demand for dermatologist recommendations in general skincare in India.
India has over 6000 registered dermatologists who are both catering to, as well as driving the shift in demand from transient, make-up driven attractiveness to one that is more enduring and a result of better skin health.

With increased stress, pollution and challenging weather conditions, women in India are always looking at ways to get great skin all year round. As a result, dermatologists have been growing in popularity since they are skin experts that really understand the science behind looking good. Whilst internationally they are an extremely respected and influential group of experts that guide and shape most women’s opinions about skin care, India is still not a very mature market for beauty and a lot of women are not aware of the benefits of consulting an expert.

The bulk of the demand for beauty products in India continue to be through groceries and retail stores and the average Indian consumer does still try out skin care products based on recommendations of the beautician at the local beauty parlor. However, that is steadily changing. According to leading dermatologist Geetanjali Shetty, “Women are slowly realizing that it is only a dermatologist who can recommend a lasting solution to their skin care problems. A significant part of my practice today includes advice and recommendations for regular skin care and beauty products. I recommend products that have been developed along with dermatologists, as they would provide the safest and most effective skin care.”

This demand for dermatologists’ services is naturally higher in urban India where women have higher income and education levels. This set of women are setting the trend of seeking the advice of skin experts for everyday skin care products like moisturizing creams, facial cleansers and anti-ageing solutions. It comes as no surprise that according to a study by leading health research agency IMS Health conducted in May this year, the most favored brand amongst dermatologists in India comes from the house of healthcare major, Johnson & Johnson.

The study was conducted to understand what dermatologists in India look for when recommending skincare products. The survey also shows that safety is the top-most concern for dermatologists when recommending a product, followed by cost, feedback from patients and quality.

According to Ganesh Bangalore, General Marketing Manager (Consumer) for Johnson & Johnson India, “I am happy and proud to see that Neutrogena’s focus on excellence and clinical expertise is now also recognized by skin care experts, making it India’s #1 dermatologist-recommended brand today. We will continue to develop the most effective and scientific skincare solutions for healthy skin in consultation with dermatologists.”

Courtesy India Times