Medical spas are springing up everywhere and not surprisingly the market is shifting, maturing and adapting as the pace quickens to become more competitive.  The mantra for most is, “differentiate or die” as the playing field becomes more and more cluttered with facilities of all shapes and sizes.

Layering Therapies

Skin rejuvenation is more popular than ever. Ranging from $175 to $500 per service treatments like chemical peels, injectibles and non-ablative skin renewal utilizing a laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) apparatus while popular as stand-alone therapies are now being used in groups to achieve more comprehensive results.  While a filler like Restylane can plump up fine lines in wrinkles a chemical peel will create a more smooth surface to the skin and allow for more vigorous collagen and elastin production making the skin more taut and renewed looking. The most popular combination of treatment fusion involves targeting specific needs within the skin to achieve a look that is natural and youthful.

Hand Rejuvenation

Oftentimes spa clients proudly display beautiful facial skin, sleek thighs and immaculately pedicured toes while their hands give their age away. Hand rejuvenation not only hides signs of age like hyperpigmentation or liver spots but also make the hands more taut, even toned and able to absorb creams and lotions. Subcutaneous fat deposits, bulging veins and the ravaged results of tanning can leave the skin looking mottled, rough and worn.

Using a CoolTouch laser with shorter fibers than those used on legs veins can be collapsed in just a few treatments. Fraxel resurfacing can rejuvenate the tone and pigmentation of the skin while a Q-switch laser can minimize or rid the hands of age spots in just one treatment. Alternatively alpha hydroxy, kojoic or lactic acid peels can be used to refine the hands chemically without the investment required by the lease or purchase of a laser. A series of treatments is often required for the most optimum results. Home care is a good follow up prevision to keep the hands supple, smooth and youthful.


Contouring Treatments

Cellulite is being tackled now in every conceivable way both through manual applications and the wonders of high-tech equipment. Triactive Laserdermology, for instance, is one of the latest to hit spas and requires no gels, massage lotions or special topicals. An all-in-one mechanical massage is combined with localized cooling and a deep laser stimulation this treatment results in smoother looking skin that is tighter and more radiant. The continual stimulation of the body’s connective tissues reduce the signs of cellulite and result in a firmer, leaner look.

Endermologie is a European invention that actually stimulates circulation while refining the tone and subcutaneous layer of the skin smoothing out the dimpled look of areas affected by cellulite pockets. While no weight loss is typically reported, the size of areas like inner thighs, upper arms, abdominal area and gluteal mass is measurably decreased.

Lypossage and Pressotherapy are two types of treatments that decrease areas of concern by similar means of increased circulation and dispersal of fatty deposits. The difference is that these techniques are manually performed with the aid of herbs and active topicals. Manual application is used with massage techniques like lymphatic drainage, percussion, body wrapping and deep tissue work. The result is increased circulatory efficency, blood flow, cellular detoxification and muscle tone optimization. While both the manual and technological methods of contouring are popular and have generated numerous studies regarding efficacy, it is typically up to the spa-goer which methods of cellulite reduction are preferred.

While classic treatments are always in demand, offering treatments that break up the standard mix of services keep clientele interested, participant and ready for the next breakthrough in technology or therapeutic offerings. Keeping your spa up to speed will offer spa-goers options not available elsewhere as well as create a natural curiosity that will keep them coming back for more. Stay on the cutting edge without falling off to keep your spa thriving and your members on the therapeutic edge of receiving hard-core results.