Mii amo spa in Sedona, Arizona has introduced a new approach to massage. The 60 minute session designed by Mii amo is delivered on the WaveMotion massage table and allows guests to remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Inspired by a combination of joint release techniques, physical therapy, and various massage practices, guests receive a unique experience producing deep massage results in a short time.

Calling to mind Watsu aquatic movements, the WaveMotion™ table facilitates fluid movements to enhance bodywork treatments. The top of the table rotates 360 degrees, and tilts up to 7 degrees in all directions. With each massage application, the table’s gentle, fluid and rhythmic motion disperses energy throughout the body providing additional therapeutic benefits for optimal health. These unique table features benefit the therapist in performing the treatment with the finest movements to achieve results that typically require great strength to perform.

By utilizing multiple massage techniques and the innovative movement of the table, the benefits are made evident when the muscles begin to relax deeply, thereby favoring a decrease in muscle tension, reducing stress and improving blood circulation and flow of the lymphatic system. The result of the Kinetic Flow treatment is a new dimension for preventative and therapeutic spa treatments shown to provide pain relief, increased circulation, and a heightened sense of well-being.