You know that you are paying your staff a lot, in fact, for many spas payroll is the largest expense.  Do you know how much profit each employee is generating for your bottom line?  Obviously this exercise will need to be altered to fit your spa’s particular compensation method but the general principals hold true.  For the sake of simplicity let’s assume that you pay 50% commission to your licensed employees.

Let’s say that your esthetician is doing a facial in her first hour of an eight hour shift.  In that hour she sees a brow waxing and a 30 minute facial.  So in one hour she can generate $18 for the brow wax, which took her 7 minutes and $45 for the 30 minute facial.  She made $63 gross in that one hour and your spa made $31.50.  Payroll burden and overhead gobbles up one-third of that and now your spa has made $21.00.

How could this scenario look brighter?  First of all, your esthetician wasted much of that hour.  A thirty minute facial takes around 20 minutes for the esthetician to perform.  8 minutes of that facial would be a masquing with steam.  During that time the esthetician could easily carry out a lip or brow wax.  Using that formula we end up with 32 spare minutes.  In 32 minutes an esthetician can do a $35 lash tint, three lip waxings, and one brow shaping or another express facial with an additional brow wax.  At the very least she could have grossed an additional $81.

I realize that this sort of format seems hectic, impossible and crazy.  However, it doesn’t need to be difficult.  Think about going to the doctor. Does the doctor stand idly by while you fill out your paperwork?  Does the doctor lead you to the treatment room and then wait while you change?  Does the doctor wait until you are ready to rebook.  No, there are handlers who don’t make you feel any the less cared for.  The doctor is present for the core of the service.  In a spa setting, I recommend that there be at least one staff member holding the spa together.  This person preps rooms, makes sure that the flow of appointments is going smoothly.  This person also hands out beverages, does laundry, expedites backbar and checks in on clients who might be steaming, receiving a hydrotherapy bath or experiencing a Eucalyptus dry sauna treatment.  That way your licensed staff can efficiently provide services to clients at a far more rapid pace.

Monitoring the productivity of your staff can also lend to identifying individual weakness in services.  Do some staff members take almost an hour to do a thirty minute service?  Do some of your estheticians need further training with regard to waxing?  Identifying these weaknesses will improve the overall health of your spa incrementally.