did105023Retail for many spas is a wait and wish sort of game. You stock your shelves. Feverously perform treatments and then watch the client walk out the door home to her drug store bought brand. This is sinful. Not only is the revenue per client escaping but the clients themselves are being cheated of the expertise of the staff and the results oriented quality of the professional products offered at your spa.


Are you satisfying the needs of your clients by giving them specific retail products that uniquely fill their needs? Are you selling the same brand that can be found in 50% or more of the spas in your region? Why would a spa client or future client want to come to your facility for a treatment or regimen of products? It is not enough to simply merchandise products, price them competitively and hope that they grab the attention of an onlooker. If you aren’t private labeling a brand unique to your spa, consider seeking out a line that best fits your target market, your climactic needs, your demographic’s budget and a niche market among your competition. It is fine to have sundries and gift items that are more generally appealing but your treatment products have to offer something more than the ordinary.

 Product Knowledge

 It is disrespectful to both your employees and clients to not educate them on your results oriented professional products. The spa is the perfect environment to connect with the client, analyze their needs and prescribe appropriate home care. Beyond this basic tenant sales members need to be energetic, good listeners who are 100% service oriented. Especially in today’s tough economy if customers are going to pay a bit more they expect a lot more in customer service and professional knowledge.

 Emotional Intelligence

While most purchasing behavior is directly tied to the emotions of the buyer, the spa purchase either of treatments or products is especially connected. While the department store purchase promises anti-aging or voluptuous eyelashes, the spa experience offers much more. Spa-goers are seeking mind, body and spirit renewals. Spa-goers are much more apt to prefer series purchases like 6 peels or 6 herbal wraps. Further, spa-goers respond to lifestyle programming enhancements. There are so many other ways to increase this emotional experience for your clients from sampling to educational soirees on meditation or journaling. Assure that your retail message is not just for the brain but also for the heart.


With online options for price reductions always on the rise, simply offering lower prices will put you into a price game that you can’t win with staffing and overhead. Focus on offering value to your shoppers every day. Focus on the reliable smart purchase rather than couponing, discounting, seasonal sales and promotions for a discount. Consumers aren’t stupid. They track these promotions and wait to purchase until there is a gift with purchase, deeply discounted sale or bargain. These price shoppers are enormously fickle and tend to follow the “deal of the day” rather than become loyal, longtime clients.


The most precious thing that most people simply never have enough of is time. Think about the most simple of purchases—groceries. Pre-washed, pre-made, microwavable, steam ready foods are conveniently packaged ready to go saving a lot of time in the kitchen for both men and women. While this approach to at home eating is a bit more expensive, it is practical in this fast paced world. Spas are no different. Offering retail purchasing in kits or bundles is the overwhelming preference of the spa-goer. Clinical, natural skin care that is easy to use, simple to continue to use as a daily ritual and not over the top expensive wins every time. Offering flexible hours is another way to fit into the busy spa-goer’s schedule as well as layering services so that a massage, facial and pedicure can all be done simultaneously to get the job done in a quick, efficient and relaxing fashion.

The spa industry will forever churn out retail choices and the consumer is smarter than ever about what they want and have come to expect in the spa. Fine tuning your spa machine is not only important it is crucial to the health of your business, staff and client satisfaction.