Fast Spa Beauty

Fast Spa Beauty

Just when you were thinking of the chant, “om” and calm, there is a faster paced demand out there for beauty efficiently performed right now.  As unique as your skin type or massage preferences, the many manifestations of on demand beauty.  The emphasis is on convenience, efficiency and quality.

This might look like offering a guest multiple services at once.  For instance, a manicure, pedicure and facial may all be performed at the same time. While this appeases the busy client, there must be an add on to a multiple service strategy. This might be offering a masque on all three areas.  A mani/pedi kit could be given to the client at the end complete with their shade of nail color. An aromatherapy vial of their favorite blend of essential oils, or a sample sized facial product that was used on them.

Delivering quality spa care more quickly should never omit the intake and the home use counseling. Intake may be done through your website as the guest chooses their treatments and books a time. The option for fast spa treatment should simply be a checkbox followed up by an email.


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